Website Design


With the whole world moving into the Internet and the e-commerce explosion, it doesn't make sense not to have your own presence in the World Wide Web. We can help you get into the net smoothly and with professional looking websites. Take a look at some of what we have done.

Filipino Expats Indonesia - Filipino website portal created to keep the Filipino community updated with news, trivia, general information and also served as a communication center. (
PT. Performance Motivation Systems Asia - One of Asia's Top incentives and motivations company needed to create an on-line tracking system for the products and their customers. (
ASEAN Countdown 2000 - A year before the start of the millennium, Laras Media cooperated with the ASEAN secretariat for the Y2K activities and also created this website which highlighted the activities and had a digital clock counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the clock stroke at midnight of the last day of 1999. (
Trans Floral Sdn Bhd - This was the first website created for Trans Floral Design Center. The design, although a bit on the formal side, served as the basis for the new look featured below.
Trans Floral Sdn Bhd - This is the new look of Trans Floral's web site. Almost all the elements from the subtle floral background, to the matching floral dividing lines and splash selection buttons, were created to give the site a brighter and happier look. Cakes, gifts and floral icons served as a direct link to the e-commerce side of the site. (
Dunia SkyBiz Indonesia - To fill the needs of informing SkyBiz Associates around the world, this website was created as a portal which had the latest news, events, insights, tips, tools among others. The lay-out, content and design has been praised several times world-wide. (