Events management is the art of making sure that everything goes right from the creation of the concept... through the production stage... and into the final ceremonies (the curtain closes).

If you have a product that you want to introduce to your clients or staff, what better way to handle it than to give them a show.

Ford - To pep up the promotion of Ford's latest cars, we produced this Ford Fashion Show featuring both great looking cars and top models in a variety of day-to-day lifestyles. Partnering with Indonesia's biggest mall, Mal Taman Anggrek, created ample sales for Ford.
San Miguel Beer - PT. Delta Djakarta wanted to do a nation-wide launch of the Philippine's best selling beer. We got top dancers and models to travel all over Indonesia and filled the roads to the hotels with lots of banners. This produced immediate consumer response and a high success rating.
Kellogg - In line with the global re-introduction of America's no. 1 breakfast cereal brand, we staged the "K On The Move" theme. This was to be the first of many promotional relationships with Kellogg. 
Tekita - To introduce Pepsi Cola's new tea beverage called "Tekita" to Indonesia's tea drinking population, we set out to do a live concert called Tekita Music Festival. This concert featured 10 of Indonesia's top band groups, directed by a top Filipino stage director and covered by MTV.
Kellogg's Krispies Treats - When Kellogg needed to promote their new product, we launched  large-scale sampling activities throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand. This brought about tremendous growth of their sales.
Oreo-Anastasia Film Promotion - Nabisco Foods, in a joint promotion with 20th Century Fox awarded Laras Media exclusivity to promote Fox's first full-length animated film in Indonesia and the Philippines. Staged song and dance numbers from the film, together with lots of kid activities, drawing and animation demonstrations created great anticipation for the film's opening.  
Nestle Bonus Aerobics - A great way to promote a health product such as Nestle Bonus Soya Milk is to mix it with real exercise. We got Indonesia's top TV Aerobics experts to demonstrate proper exercise to the public. 
Nabisco Launch - Nabisco Foods needed to introduce their new locally produced, locally priced line of biscuits quickly so we set out to stage launch revelations in several main cities all over Indonesia and the Philippines. 

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