No matter where you may be, we can create great training videos and stage fast-paced training sessions to make sure your sales teams and consumers would be ready to accept, sell or use your products or services.

Below are just a few samples of what we have been doing for years.

Bank Dharmala - To teach the customer how Bank Dharmala's products work, a series of videos and infomercials were created to be displayed throughout the bank's branches. Using top commercial artists and professional dubbers gave the videos credibility to match that of the bank's status.
Kellogg's Krispies Treats - We created several catching MTV style videos which were used in every product launch for both the sales teams and their customers. These videos ranged from the history of the company to the manufacturing process to consumer testimonials. 
Citra Beauty Lotion - These series of infomercials were shot in several locations in Indonesia in order to show consumers that no matter where they're from, this wonderful whitening formula is easier and better to use than the traditional herbal methods.
Kellogg - Our training sessions involve complete facilities including SIS systems, inter-active PowerPoint presentations, testimonials, videos, product revelations, skits and break-outs... What more can you ask for.
Sinarmas - To boost the sales team's performance, incentive and motivational videos such as these really work. 

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