Why Lightwave 3D?

Below are more of our animations.

ASEAN at 30 - When the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) celebrated its 30th anniversary, we created a lot of 3D visuals for the video. As part of the historical section, 3D Galleon ships in a storm depicted the difficulties of the European traders as they traveled the seas for exotic Asian spices. The album revealed photos of the founding fathers of ASEAN.
Kellogg Krispies Treats - Kellogg's did a full scale product launch in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines. The animation here was used for the close of their video presentations. 
SOGO Department Store - To promote their "BIG SALE", a 15 second commercial of a helicopter revealing the gigantic package was enough to send customers on a shopping frenzy.
PT. Pesona Laras Mediatama  - This is  our logo using a play of light glows.

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