Whether you're in need of a simple animation for your company or product logo (flying logos), animations of products that tell a story, a walk-through or a fly-by, we can do it too.

Our computergraphics department can churn out all kinds of 3 dimensional computer animations using the award-winning Lightwave 3D software.

Bank Dharmala - This animation was created to show the contents of their folder which was part of their ongoing incentives program.
Bank Artha Graha - The Rubik's Cube was the inspiration for this animation. Bank Artha Graha wanted to emphasize to their clients of their capability to solve even difficult problems. 
PT. Air Mancur - This company has won numerous awards which we recreated from their available photos and brochures and then were animated to show the elegance of those trophys.  
Nabisco  - With the strategy to launch in several Asian countries at the same time, what better way than to launch a Nabisco Rocket. This animation shows the rocket going through an asteroid belt composed of Nabisco biscuits.   

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