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Laras Media Capabilities

Our Services Short Clips

Television Shows

We produce top quality Television Specials, Commercials, Drama & Comedy Sinetrons & Game Shows


Our Creative Team can come up with ideas, comps, scripts & storyboards to suit your needs

Events Management

Do you have a new company or product that has to be introduced to your personnel or trade? We can do it all for you complete with show staging & coverage

Training Videos

Need to acquaint employees or clients about your company policies or products? How about seminars that don't put you to sleep? We may have just what you need.

Corporate Profiles

Go ahead and impress your would-be clients and the guys next door with captivating videos of your company's status.

3D Animation

Astounding graphics and 3-dimensional animations are created to suit your company's requirements. Whether they be logos, charts or mechwarriors, get your message across with impact.


All of these elements could be integrated into a package that helps increase throughput for you
Website Design The Internet is here to stay. So why not make your Internet presence felt with our custom layouts and designs. 

The Press Room Join us for the latest in happenings at Laras Media


4th Floor BCA Bldg. (Wartel Entrance)
Jl. Melawai Raya Blok C No. 165,
Jakarta 12110

Telephone / Fax (6221) 724-5508

You may send emails to us at the following links


Popular stock photos on Dreamstime Stock Photography Community

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